Donic Young Champ 300 Table Tennis Racket

Donic Young Champ 300 Table Tennis Racket
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About the product :-
  • Table tennis, a miniature version of tennis played on a table, is a game that requires skill and the right equipment. To be able to play table tennis like professionals, you need a good table tennis blade. The Donic Young Champ 300 is designed specially for amateur players without much experience in sport.
  • The Young Champ 300 table tennis racquet from Donic comes with an anti-vibration system that effectively dampens the shocks or vibrations produced when the ball comes in contact with the racquet.
  • The two layers of shock absorbers provide a cushiony effect to offer a comfortable play.
  • The 1.5 mm rubber provides a controlled oriented play enabling to play those consistent matches with greater control.
  • The concave handle of the racquet offers you a perfect and strong grip.
  • Play those accurate and controlled shots with the help of this exceptional racquet.
  • The racquet comes safely covered in a packing plastic hanger to prevent damage or deformation.