Spartan Sparta MSD 5000 English Willow Cricket Bat

Spartan Sparta MSD 5000 English Willow Cricket Bat
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Construction: English Willow Grade 5, expertly handcrafted by our master bat makers.

Profile:  Extreme mid profile with concave spine.

Handle: Round handle, made out of nine piece cane and rubber which delivers optimal combination of power, control and flexibility.

Edge: Thick edge.

Bow: Slight bow which generates perfectly balanced pick up to deliver increased power.

Toe: Slightly square which is designed to increase the hitting surface area, whilst lowering the bat’s centre of gravity – promoting greater swing weight and power distribution. Rubber toe guard.

Face: Our technology and craftsmanship provides our bats with the widest of curvature faces and a slightly raised belly, providing a MAXIMUM rebound system for power, confidence and execution.

Grip: Spartan Wave

Finish: Pre Knocked In.

Player Type: Power Stroke Player. The powerful and dominating stroke maker, who looks to take over the game with their well-timed, strongly executed shots.

Size: Full Size – SH