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2 Slice auto lidded Pop-up Toaster 900 Watts Black
Type :                Pop Up Toaster Model :             2 Slice auto lidded Functions :..
Ex Tax: RS2,990.00

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2 Slice Pop-up Toaster Meno
Brand:                                    Morphy Richards Removable Crumb Tray:   Yes ..
Ex Tax: RS3,595.00

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AT202 Pop-up Toaster WITH LID
Brand :        Morphy Richards Model :       AT-202 Power :        800 Watts Volt..
Ex Tax: RS1,390.00

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AT203 Pop-up Toaster 700 Watts White
Bun warming rack Electronic variable browning control Hi-Lift feature for removing small..
Ex Tax: RS1,390.00

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AT204 Pop-up Toaster WITH LID
Type :             Pop Up Toaster Model :          AT204 Functions  :   Toasting, Defros..
Ex Tax: RS1,510.00

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Aura Dry Iron (Purple/ Green / Blue) - 1300 Watts
Type :       Dry Model :     Aura Variant : &n..
RS1,095.00 RS986.00
Ex Tax: RS986.00

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Champ Essentials Mixer Grinder 500 Watts Pearl White
Brand :              Morphy Richards Type :                Mixer Grinder Model :        ..
Ex Tax: RS3,380.00

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Citra Juicer 60 Watts White
Manufacturer :          Morphy Richards Brand :                        Morphy Richards M..
Ex Tax: RS1,399.00

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Cruiser Steam iron - Blue / Purple 1300 Watts
Type :               Dry, Steam Model :            Cruiser Variant :           1300 Watt..
Ex Tax: RS1,550.00

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Deluxe 2 Slice Pop-up Toaster 700 Watts
Brand :                           MORPHY RICHARDS Model No :                    Deluxe 2 Slic..
Ex Tax: RS1,635.00

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Divo Essentials 3 Jar Juicer Mixer Grinder 500 Watts
Brand :     Morphy Richards Model :    Divo-The Star Type :       Juicer Mixer Grinder ..
Ex Tax: RS4,390.00

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Dolphin Steam Iron 1300 Watts Non-stick
Type :           Dry, Steam Model :        Dolphin Variant :      1300 Watts Brand ..
Ex Tax: RS1,640.00

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Essentials 2 Slice Pop-up Toaster 900 Watts
Type :              Pop Up Toaster Model :           Cool wall Essentials 2 Slice Functi..
Ex Tax: RS1,590.00

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Essentials 4 Slice Pop-up Toaster 900 Watts
Manufacturer  :                   Morphy Richards Brand :                                  Mo..
Ex Tax: RS2,180.00

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Estilo - 600 Watts
Brand :         Morphy Richards Model :        Estilo Power :         600 Watts V..
Ex Tax: RS3,430.00

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Europa 4 Slice Pop-up Toaster 900 Watts White
Type:                Pop Up Toaster Model:             Europa 4 Slice Functions:       T..
Ex Tax: RS2,590.00

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Flexijar 1.5 L White
Mixer Grinder600 W Power ConsumptionWet Grinding FeatureDry Grinding FeatureBlending FeatureJuicing ..
Ex Tax: RS4,070.00

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Hand Blender- HB05(New Lock)
Type :                  Hand Blender Model :               HB05 Functions  :        Blen..
Ex Tax: RS1,923.00

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HB01 Hand Blender 180 Watts White
Type :              Hand Blender Model :           HB01 Functions :     Blending Co..
Ex Tax: RS1,360.00

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HB02 Hand Blender 300 Watts White
Type Hand Blender Model HB02 Functions Blending ..
Ex Tax: RS1,695.00

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HBCD Hand Blender 400 Watts White
Type :             Hand Blender Model :          HBCD Functions :    Blending, Chopping,..
Ex Tax: RS2,825.00

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HBCD SS Hand Blender 400 Watts SS
Type :            Hand Blender Model :         HBCD SS Functions  :  Blending, Chopping,..
Ex Tax: RS3,607.00

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HBCP Hand Blender 400 Watts White
Type :               Hand Blender Model :            HBCP Functions :      Blending, Cho..
Ex Tax: RS2,195.00

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Icon Classique Mixer Grinder 750 Watts Pearl White
Motor:- Power :                      750 watts, Wet/Dry grinding Jar:          1.0 Ltr ..
Ex Tax: RS4,695.00

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Icon Deluxe Mixer Grinder 600 Watts Silver
    Mixer Grinder       750 W Power using up       Wet Grinding Feature     ..
Ex Tax: RS5,020.00

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Icon Deluxe Mixer Grinder 750 Watts Silver
Type:                 Mixer Grinder Model:               Icon Delux Variant:          ..
Ex Tax: RS4,060.00

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Icon Essentials Mixer Grinder 600 Watts Ivory
 Flow breakers in 1.5 litre liquidizing and 1 litre grinding jars for more effective grinding ..
Ex Tax: RS4,490.00

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Icon Supreme Mixer Grinder 4 Jar 750 watts
Type:               Juicer Mixer Grinder Model:            Icon Supreme Variant:        ..
Ex Tax: RS4,990.00

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Ispira - Dry Iron Dupont Coating
Type :               &..
RS695.00 RS630.00
Ex Tax: RS630.00

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Mirage 200 Steam Iron 1320Watts Non-stick - Blue/Green
Type :              Dry, Steam, Spray Model :           Mirage 200 Variant :         140..
Ex Tax: RS1,870.00

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Morphy Richard  MWO 25 L CONVECTION + GRILL
Convection & Grill Function 200 Auto Cook Menus 25 Litres Capacity 900 W Power Co..
Ex Tax: RS10,999.00

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Morphy Richards   9 PC OTG 9 L Powder Coated
Brand Name :                                 Morphy Richards Product Code- Model Name :     ..
Ex Tax: RS2,390.00

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Morphy Richards  16 SS OTG 16 L Stainless Steel
16 Litres Capacity 1200 W Power Output Crumb Tray Stainless Steel Outer Body ..
Ex Tax: RS3,838.00

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Morphy Richards  24 R-PC OTG 24 L Powder Coated (Rotisserie)
24 Litre capacity Motorized rotisserie, 0-60 min bypass timer Thermostatic temperature c..
Ex Tax: RS4,670.00

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Morphy Richards  35 RC-SS OTG 35 L Stainless Steel  (Rotisserie+
Manufacturer :                     Morphy Richards Brand :                                   ..
Ex Tax: RS5,900.00

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Morphy Richards  Cashmere - Epilator & Shaver
Corded Epilator Shaver Head Tweezer Blades 2 Speed Settings 15 Tweezers ..
Ex Tax: RS3,390.00

Quick Info
Morphy Richards  Hair Straightener Stylit Digital
Temperature Regulator Tangle-free 1.8 m Cord LCD Screen Consumes 40 W Power Ceramic Plates ..
Ex Tax: RS2,480.00

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Morphy Richards  HD031 Hair Dryer 1195 Watts Black
Brand :               &nb..
RS1,295.00 RS1,166.00
Ex Tax: RS1,166.00

Quick Info
Morphy Richards  HD041 Hair Dryer 1200 Watts
    Cord Guard with Hanging Top     Comfortable Grip Handle..
RS995.00 RS896.00
Ex Tax: RS896.00

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Morphy Richards  Juicemax Juicer 500 Watts White & Grey
Type:                       Juice Extractor Variant:                   500 Watts Funct..
Ex Tax: RS2,690.00

Quick Info
Morphy Richards  Maximo Juicer 450 Watts Essence White
Type:               Juice Extractor Variant:           450 Watts Functions:       Juic..
Ex Tax: RS2,330.00

Quick Info
Morphy Richards  MWO 20 MBG BLACK GRILL  Microwave Grill (Black)
8 Auto Cook Menu 5 Power Levels Mirror Finish Control Panel Overheat and Sensory Protection ..
Ex Tax: RS4,490.00

Quick Info
Morphy Richards  MWO 20 MS SOLO
Solo Microwave 20 Litres Capacity 1270 W of Power Consumption 5 Power Levels ..
Ex Tax: RS4,395.00

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Morphy Richards 16 PC OTG 16 L Powder Coated
Brand Name :                                Morphy Richards Product Code- Model Name :    16..
Ex Tax: RS3,150.00

Quick Info
Morphy Richards 18 Litre 18 R SS OTG
Model   :                     18 R SS Brand :                          Morphy Richards P..
Ex Tax: RS4,950.00

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Morphy Richards 18 R-PC OTG 18 L Powder Coated (Rotisserie)
1380 watts, Stainless steel outer body Durable and rust free Thermostatic Temperature Co..
Ex Tax: RS3,590.00

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Morphy Richards 40 RC-SS OTG 40 L Stainless Steel  (Rotisserie+C
Brand :                                                 Morphy Richards Product Code/ Model N..
Ex Tax: RS9,040.00

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Morphy Richards 80CGT Cooker 1.8 L Stainless Steel
Brand :                  Morphy Richards Type :                    Rice Cooker Model :  ..
Ex Tax: RS4,945.00

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